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Cerasa Mechanics

- tightening nuts are molded.

- made of 8.8 steel

- treatment performed with normal zingatura electrolyte

IMG 1527
  • nut made entirely from solid steel 39NCD4 (steel with nickel and chrome 8.8, a qualitatively superior steel to 10.9)
  • large surface area conical clamping; twice wider than the competition
  • treatment of manganese phosphate

- studs are molded

- rounded heads

IMG 1533
  • studs made entirely from solid steel 39NCD4
  • treated with manganese phosphate

- body of spacer is aluminum

- registered stud head is round

IMG 1543 1545
  • body of spacer is steel
  • treated with manganese phosphate
  • seats for the studs have anti-rotation heads

- spacer thickness: 30 mm

IMG 1547
  • spacer thickness: 32 mm