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  • We provide a complete KIT of four /4/ spacers to widen your vehicle’s stance and side profile for off-roading. This not only improves the look of your 4-wheel drive, but also improves its stability, handling, and safety.

  • Cerasa spacers are manufactured entirely of STEEL with precision engineering and numerical control to guarantee a high level of performance.

  • 100% Italian production. Compare with other brands and you’ll discover that the majority are made in China of recycled aluminum.

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      MG 6788        MG 6887       MG 6921

The kit we produce is designed to widen your front and rear wheel stance. Each spacer is composed of 4-ply steel thicknesses in which the threaded studs and retractable, conical nuts are already mounted.

Our spacers are easily mounted: once you remove the wheel, they’re locked in place by the retractable, conical nuts. The wheel is then put back on the hub using the original nuts and you’re done.

The standard thickness is 32 mm, but upon request, we can increase this measurement to suit the needs of the customer.

These spacers are produced by state-of-the-art numerical control machinery that guarantees absolute precision, with perfect centering and balancing of each spacer.

The spacers normally found on the market are 95% made of recycled aluminum cans, frequently from eastern markets. Using this material for off-road vehicle shims gives rise to two problems:

  • ovality: the spacers become deformed in the course of normal use. Once deformed, they give rise to annoying vibrations.
  • unexpected breakdown: aluminum cannot maintain integrity under high-braking loads, and is subject to fatigue.

For these reasons, we manufacture strictly in STEEL. In addition, we also include a manganese phosphate treatment which acts to prevent wear and corrosion. This treatment is typically used for mechanical components designed for the MILITARY. Thus, our guarantee of peace-of-mind is insured by both raw material and the finishing process.

Appearance, safety, and off-road performance.

Kits are available for all popular brands of Jeeps, SUV’s and trucks.